Fu Jen University

Fu Jen University is a station on Orange Line of the Taipei Metro. For more details view the Explore Taipei interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Fu Jen University
Chinese (traditional) 輔大
Located on Orange Line
Code O19

Map of Fu Jen University

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May 11, 2017

First train/Last train

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  • Fu Jen Catholic University Fu Jen Catholic University
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  • 2022_04_03_12_10_IMG_4912 2022_04_03_12_10_IMG_4912
  • B-18918 | TPE B-18918 | TPE
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  • PXL_20210501_020726892 PXL_20210501_020726892
  • 油桐花 油桐花
  • Fju edu Fju edu
  • Fju edu Fju edu
  • Fju edu Fju edu
  • Fju edu Fju edu
  • 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店
  • 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店
  • 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店
  • 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店 江子翠鵝肉油雞專賣店

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