Huanbei is a station on Airport MRT of the Taipei Metro. For more details view the Explore Taipei interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Huanbei
Chinese (traditional) 環北
Located on Airport MRT
Code B09

Map of Huanbei

First train/Last train

Photos near Huanbei

中壢一隅|Street Snap

中壢一隅|Street Snap
Copyright: 令門耳 LWY

  • 中壢一隅|Street Snap 中壢一隅|Street Snap
  • IMG_20240319_003833 IMG_20240319_003833
  • IMG_20240319_003858 IMG_20240319_003858
  • IMG_20240319_003938 IMG_20240319_003938
  • IMG_20240319_004022 IMG_20240319_004022
  • IMG_20240319_004027 IMG_20240319_004027
  • IMG_20240319_004044 IMG_20240319_004044
  • IMG_20240319_004110 IMG_20240319_004110
  • IMG_20240319_004541 IMG_20240319_004541
  • IMG_20240319_004855 IMG_20240319_004855
  • IMG_20240319_004850 IMG_20240319_004850
  • IMG_20240325_005027 IMG_20240325_005027
  • IMG_20240325_005202 IMG_20240325_005202
  • IMG_20240325_005329 IMG_20240325_005329
  • IMG_20240325_005407 IMG_20240325_005407
  • IMG_20240325_005453 IMG_20240325_005453
  • IMG_20240325_005536 IMG_20240325_005536
  • IMG_20240325_005556 IMG_20240325_005556
  • IMG_20240325_005631 IMG_20240325_005631
  • IMG_20240319_004101 IMG_20240319_004101
  • IMG_20240319_004535 IMG_20240319_004535
  • IMG_20240319_004844 IMG_20240319_004844
  • IMG_20240319_004815 IMG_20240319_004815
  • IMG_20240325_005046 IMG_20240325_005046
  • IMG_20240325_005124 IMG_20240325_005124
  • IMG_20240325_005240 IMG_20240325_005240
  • IMG_20240325_005305 IMG_20240325_005305
  • IMG_20240325_005516 IMG_20240325_005516
  • IMG_20240325_005659 IMG_20240325_005659
  • IMG_20240325_005716 IMG_20240325_005716

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