Muzha is a station on Brown Line of the Taipei Metro. For more details view the Explore Taipei interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Muzha
Chinese (traditional) 木柵
Located on Brown Line
Code BR02

Map of Muzha

First train/Last train

Photos near Muzha

Paul, Emily, Alice

Paul, Emily, Alice
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  • Paul, Emily, Alice Paul, Emily, Alice
  • G0160783 G0160783
  • G0160784 G0160784
  • G0160788 G0160788
  • G0160789 G0160789
  • G0160792 G0160792
  • G0160793 G0160793
  • G0160796 G0160796
  • G0160797 G0160797
  • G0160801 G0160801
  • G0160800 G0160800
  • G0160802 G0160802
  • G0160805 G0160805
  • G0160807 G0160807
  • G0160806 G0160806
  • G0160810 G0160810
  • G0160814 G0160814
  • G0160817 G0160817
  • G0160813 G0160813
  • G0160815 G0160815
  • G0160820 G0160820
  • G0160787 G0160787
  • G0160791 G0160791
  • G0160799 G0160799
  • G0160809 G0160809
  • G0160808 G0160808
  • G0160811 G0160811
  • G0160821 G0160821
  • G0160819 G0160819
  • G0160818 G0160818

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